Monday, January 19, 2015

Sunday Style 1-18

Sweater dresses have always alluded me. Not that I can't find them in shops and thrift stores; they are abundant. Rather, it's that the sweater dresses I find are so very cute on the hanger, but on me, they transform me into a lumpy, pudgy knitted pillow. The typical sweater dress clings better than Saran Wrap in ALL the wrong places. GRRR!!!

Enter eBay:  Every so often, I'll enter "fit and flare sweater dress" into the search box and see what happens. Lo and behold, a couple of weeks ago, several lovely options presented themselves, and one particular dress was available in a few different colors and in petites! I placed a bit on the navy one and lost the auction. The forest green version was somewhat more expensive as a Buy It Now, but it included both the belt and matching scarf, unlike the navy one. Since it's exactly what I've been searching for in a sweater dress, I clicked the button and bought it. And I'm very happy with it!

Outfit details:  Signature by Robbie Bee sweater dress - eBay; Fitzwell boots - eBay; 
artisan bracelet - antique show; earrings - so old I have no idea.

Honestly, I completely forgot about the belt that came with the dress, but I do prefer how it looks without the belt. It flows smoothly and creates a slightly longer look without the belt cutting me in half. I've not felt friendly towards belts lately, anyway, so it's best that we not see one another for the time being.

Perhaps a chunky cuff bracelet isn't the most flattering choice for a stubby arm such as mine, but this bracelet speaks to me in a powerful way and I think it's wonderful. It makes me happy to see it on my arm when it compliments an outfit well, as it does here. Fashion rules can stuff it! Wear what brings you joy, people.


Grammy Goodwill said...

The dress looks great on you and I love the color. I tried to wear a similar dress Sunday that I bought on sale this fall. Ready for the laugh.
First, I put on brown tights. They wouldn't come past my knees.
I searched and found a second pair that thankfully fit.
Put on dress. Looked down and saw all these bulges in the wrong places, but the tights didn't look right and I couldn't find any regular hose.
Then I couldn't get out of the dress!! Meanwhile, hubby is already dressed and waiting patiently for me in the other room.
Finally get the dress off.
Put on stretch pants, a black shell that was tight and a leopard print top I bought at Goodwill without trying on.
The top looked ridiculous so I took it off then had to squirm to get the shell off.
Changed the pants for another pair and found a top i love but I swear it has brown in it. (The pants I'm wearing are black.)
At that point, I figured my choir robe would be on most of the day, so off I went.
That's what I get for not trying clothes on.

Melissa G said...

Oh, my, Pat! Let me tell you, I certainly have Sunday mornings like that, too! Or Mondays...Wednesdays...any old day! You'll notice I don't post DAILY outfits, ha ha! Lucky for you that you have a choir robe to fall back on. :D

lantabmom said...

I love the look of sweater dresses too. I will have to search for a similar one sometime too.

Mia said...

It's so weird that this isn't a more popular shape for sweaterdresses! I have one fit-and-flare and one clingier one, and the one with the fuller skirt is definitely more versatile. This one looks amazing on you, and so does the color--olive really suits you!

Melissa G said...

Thank you, Mia! I agree - a fuller skirt is SO much more versatile. And easier to walk in. :)