Wednesday, January 21, 2015

This Week's Thrifting Ventures

This past Saturday was the monthly thrift sale at a nearby town's Catholic church. I fixed myself a to-go mug of coffee, put two homemade Cranberry Maple Scones in a container and picked up my daughter bright and early. We made a quick stop by the bank, then to the Short Stop so she could get a to-go cuppa and we zoomed off to the sale. Well, we didn't really zoom per car was quite low on gas, so I took it easy on the ol' girl.

The sale is a very popular one, and people line up well before the door opens at 8:30 am, even when it's cold and blustery in the winter. We were blessed to have very mild weather on Saturday, so we were barely chilled after standing outside for 10 minutes. Sis and I each had a huge fabric shopping bag slung over one arm, ready to fill it with treasures. We took our time, cruising each aisle, scanning and rummaging among books, jeans, toys, dishes, all kinds of stuff. I was the "Big Spender", loading my bag for a mere $3.25. Sis spent a dollar less. We were both quite pleased with our finds, and made our way back to her house to warm up those scones. (They didn't warm up enough, even being placed directly in front of the heater vent.) I didn't think to ask her to snap a quick pic of her stash to show you, sorry about that. Here's part of what I purchased:

Not pictured are a couple of items destined for eBay. The black jeans fit me, but not the way I like (too low waisted, gap in the back) so they went in the eBay stash as well. The khaki pants and black jacket both fit perfectly, which always amazes me that it's even possible, given there isn't any way to try things on. The books were 25¢ each; I love to add to my reading selection for so little!

Some Postman had the day off Monday for MLK Day, so we had a "date day" in Topeka, where we perused all our favorite antique stores and had lunch at Red Robin (one of the few places I can get a veggie burger - and sweet potato fries, YUM!). We popped in the Goodwill store, too, where I found two cotton skirts and Some Postman got a sun shade for the car. It's been a long time since we'd been in that store, and I'd forgotten how dirty it is. Washing our hands thoroughly was the first thing we did once we arrived at Red Robin!

Because two thrifting sessions in a matter of days just isn't enough, yesterday I stopped in at our local Goodwill while out grocery shopping. Oh my...our store is SO much cleaner! I really ought to tell them how much I appreciate that. Anyway, finding those cotton skirts in Topeka reminded me that I'm still hunting for more 100% cotton clothing to replace the polyester I've purged from my closet. Did I ever hit the jackpot! My cart was loaded with TONS of things, but after trying on, much of it was left behind. I'm thrilled with what I did get, though:

The two skirts on the left (plaid, tan floral) were purchased in Topeka. The travel-print skirt was made in Italy - fun! The solid color skirts are Merona basic jersey skirts, which I like to wear instead of shorts in summer. The green shirt will need the sleeves altered; normally I don't buy anything at Goodwill if it needs to be altered, but since this top was half price, I decided it was worth it. I love the trim on the tomato-red shirt and the fact that it's cap sleeved (I don't care for sleeveless). Now the red print dress is sleeveless, but I can put a tee underneath or a light-weight shrug over it. I'll need to alter the dress a bit also, but it was also half price, making the effort worthwhile. When I laundered the dress today, I didn't notice until I was tossing everything in the dryer that the tag, which had fallen off in the washer, said to dry clean only. Really? For cotton? Going through a cold water regular cycle didn't seem to hurt it any, but I let it air dry to be on the safe side. Don't want to shrink it before I get a chance to wear it!

Ahh...three sessions of thrifting therapy in a row...feels pretty good! I could have another session this weekend, if I felt like going back into town. I saw on Facebook that all the Kansas Goodwill stores are having a "Buy 2 Get 1 Free" sale this Friday thru Sunday (clothing items only). I doubt I'll go, but thought I'd make sure to spread the word to my Kansas ladies who thrift shop!

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