Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Thrifty Saturday, January Version

(Housekeeping note: I have reverted back to using the old flinthillshausfrau web address for this blog, so that links on old posts and elsewhere on the web can still be found. The blog name remains Peace and Crumbs.)

In spring, summer and fall, most of my Saturday mornings are reserved for treasure hunting at yard sales. Since there are very few yard sales in winter around here, I get my bargain finding fix at thrift stores and clearance racks. Post-Christmas sales yield items like cards, wrapping paper and holiday themed muffin liners for 75% off original prices. This year, all I bought were cards, though, because I have enough snowflake muffin liners to use all year 'round and I'm STILL using the same roll of wrapping paper that I've used to cover gifts the past three Christmases.

January can also be a great time to stock up on other items, as stores are clearing out last year's remaining merchandise to make way for new spring stock. Last Friday, our 14 year old microwave fried itself for the very last time; Some Postman declared it to be dead and we should go buy a new one the next morning. Although I despise shopping at Walmart on the weekend, especially on Saturday, they had the microwave we needed, so we arrived early before too many folks jammed the aisles. An added bonus: Nestle Toll House winter morsels on clearance for half price!

While we were in town, we checked out a couple of vintage stores and a thrift store I rarely manage to catch during their open hours. I didn't find any goodies, but Some Postman found a mini crock for 50¢. Before heading home, we stopped for lunch at HuHot, our favorite restaurant, and then walked around the mall for a bit.

I'd seen the ads on tv for Victoria's Secret's semi-annual sale, so that was my first stop. Happily, that day they were also offering an additional 25% off already reduced prices. Since it was early in the sale's time frame, I was able to find four bras in my size - and paid only slightly more for them than ONE would have cost at original price!

Next stop was Bath & Body Works, where they had all the winter merchandise on sale, much of it 75% off. I'm always drawn to yummy candle scents like Red Velvet Cupcake and Vanilla Chai.  I stocked up on my favorites, plus something for my daughter's upcoming birthday.

JC Penney's was the final store I wished to visit, although I haven't been finding much there that I truly like lately. I did manage to get another gift for my daughter and a top for myself, both deeply discounted.

This coming Saturday is the once-monthly thrift sale at the Catholic church in a nearby town. I'm hoping to find some deliciously cheap treasures then!


Grammy Goodwill said...

What a great day you had. I had no idea that chocolate morsels would go on sale. My big buy was Kroger black eyed peas for 28 cents a can. I bought 13, even though they aren't a favorite of hubby's. He agreed to eat them at least once a month.
I really like that top you bought. I can't wait to see what you find this weekend.

lantabmom said...

How fun to find so many bargains. I love the top also. I'm looking forward to future thrift shopping once we get settled after our move.