Wednesday, January 28, 2015

What I'm Reading and What Came Out of my Oven

Today's weather is fabulous. Not just fabulous for January - it's fabulous for almost any month of the year! The sun has been out most of the time, although milky clouds are beginning to filter the sunbeams now. We've got a stiff south wind going, but that only serves to raise the temperature a tad higher. It's sitting at 70 beautiful degrees right now, folks!

Things will be a lot different tomorrow, so I've been popping outside as often as possible today, and I even ate lunch out on the porch. My old lady cat Butterball hobbled her way out of the barn this morning and has been sitting in the sunshine:

I have a difficult time sitting down to eat lunch without a book in front of me, and today was no exception. Our book club recently read Joy for Beginners by Erica Bauermeister, which I enjoyed enough that I picked up a couple more of her books at the library. Right now, I'm reading The School of Essential Ingredients

Ms. Bauermeister has a way of writing about food and can practically smell it and taste it. "She felt about her zester the way some women do about a pair of spiky red shoes - a frivolous splurge, good only for parties, but oh so lovely." "Antonia raised a bite to her mouth. A quick crunch of hazelnut, and then the pasta gave way easily to her teeth, the pumpkin melting across her tongue, warm and dense, with soft, spicy undercurrents of nutmeg. It felt like going home, and she relaxed into her chair with a sigh of happiness." As I nibbled my peanut-butter-and-honey sandwich, flipping pages, what I read made me think that I ought to forgo reading while I eat and place more attention on what I'm putting in my mouth. Perhaps I'd be more mindful and eat only what I truly enjoy. Food for thought...

Earlier this morning, I baked a pie type concoction for Some Postman's dessert tonight. (He insists upon having dessert at every meal except breakfast. Is it any wonder I've got a pillowy middle?) I call it a pie type dessert, because it's not exactly a pie. I'm calling it "Cherry Crisp Pie". Last fall, when we bought a new deep freeze, I discovered eight or ten quart bags of cherries from our long-dead cherry tree, buried in the depths of the old chest freezer. It's been a joy to use them over the winter. Today I turned the cherries into pie filling...

...lined a pie plate with a leftover store-bought crust (from the busy holidays), poured in the filling, topped it with a mixture of butter, brown sugar, flour, oats and cinnamon, then folded the edges of the crust over toward the center of the pie (because I used a too-large plate, oops). A little less than an hour in the oven, and this is what emerged:

Something must be wrong with my sniffer, because instead of pastry and fruit, the scent I'm getting is bacon. Bacon??? 

And now I am headed back into the kitchen, after having taken Pooka for a walk with Some Postman after he returned home from work rather early. To go with our Cherry Crisp Pie, I'm making a Spaghetti Pie, which has absolutely no pie crust in it. 


Grammy Goodwill said...

It looks delicious. Cherry pie is my favorite.

Melissa G said...

It was good - didn't taste like bacon at all! LOL

Peach pie is my favorite, but only if it's made with fresh peaches, which you can't get this time of year.