Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Socks, Teacups, a Hat and Some Shoes

Well, I don't have any outfits to share this week. Some Postman and I went out on Valentine's Day, but since much of our "date" was comprised of shopping and running errands, I didn't dress up. I did wear some Valentine-themed socks, of course, and managed to get pictures of those posted on the blog's Facebook page.

There wasn't enough time Sunday morning to take outfit photos before we left for church, but you aren't missing much. It looked fine on the hanger, but not so great on me. The biggest problem was the fit of the pants. The waist on that pair of khakis hits "just below the natural waist" - which on me is at a very awkward point. The pants fit well, so I won't get rid of them; I just can't tuck a shirt in them.

Perhaps later this week I will wear something other than lounge pants and a flannel shirt so I can make an outfit post. I really ought to...I'm beginning to feel like a bum.

So, since my clothing choices lately have been sadly pathetic, how about if I show you my latest thrifting finds instead? The past few trips to Goodwill and JC Penney's have netted some lovely items.

No, I do not need more mugs, but I could not pass up these delicate little cups for 25¢ each. They look particularly lovely stacked up and are just right for having tea with a couple of friends. These cups are made by Mikasa, and the ones I saw on eBay have solid black saucers with them, which provides a wonderful contrast. Now I will be hunting for black saucers...

Betsy the Dressform is sporting the reversible hat  I found instead of the plaid scarf for which I was searching at Goodwill. I believe I'll wear it with the quilted side out, as pictured, most of the time.

After clearance prices and a $10 coupon, these two shirts from JC Penney's cost a total of $3.23! Can't beat that with a stick! Both are 100% cotton, which is a very good thing for me these days.

Normally I don't purchase tops like this, but this Old Navy camisole is 100% silk, new with tags, and only $2 at Goodwill. It will be perfect to wear at home with a breezy skirt on a hot summer day, or with a light sweater and jeans this spring.

In planning my outfit for our niece's upcoming wedding, I found that I needed a new pair of shoes to do with my dress. I tried to shop my closet for the entire outfit, really! Dress, jewelry, wrap - all from my closet - but nude or silver shoes would look best, and I don't have any of either. After much searching online, I finally found the perfect pair of silver shoes on Zulily and bought them. A couple days after those little beauties arrived in my mailbox, I found the perfect nude peep toe pumps above at Goodwill for $2.49! I'm still planning to wear the silver shoes to the wedding, but I'm certain the nude heels will get a lot more use on Sunday mornings.

Here's Betsy again, wearing the gray stretch denim jacket that I found while waiting for the line to go down at the checkouts at Goodwill. (I figure if there are half a dozen people in line, I might as well continue to look at the racks closest to the checkouts.) This jacket isn't particularly pretty or even all that flattering, but it sure is comfortable and durable! Just the thing needed for doing chores on a cool day, taking a hike down by the creek, or even while grocery shopping.


Mia said...

Hey, good finds. I'm always super-excited when I dig up silk items while thrifting, it feels like such a steal. I went to the thrift store just a couple weekends ago and didn't manage any silk (alas), but I DID find another pair of work-appropriate pants that hopefully won't look too stodgy, so WOO!

Melissa G said...

I think this is the FIRST silk item I've found in a thrift store that was NWT. In fact, it's probably the only silk I've found that wasn't a '90s button front shirt. Ha ha! Always good to find work-appropriate pants - way to go, Mia! :)