Monday, February 9, 2015

Sunday Style: He Likes It!

As I prepared Some Postman's breakfast yesterday morning, he asked "have you worn that before?". He referred to my striped dress:

Yes, I told my husband, I have worn this sweater dress once before, but not to church or anywhere with him. (Honestly, I can't remember where I wore it the first time. Book club? My friend's Tastefully Simple party? hmmm...)

Some Postman said, "well, I like it on you. It looks really nice!"

Oh my...he so rarely says anything about what I wear. I do believe he's going to see me wear this dress a LOT! :)

As it turns out, *I* like this dress a bunch, too. It is definitely a keeper!

Outfit details:  Jessica Howard dress - eBay; George blazer - Walmart;
tights - probably Walmart; Clarks shoes - thrifted; pin - hmm...had it forever.

I wanted to wear a scarf with the dress because of the deeply scooped neckline. Without longer hair to cover my neck, I get cold when they turn on the ceiling fans at church. Amazingly enough, not a single one of my dozens of scarves looked right, and so I settled on the black blazer instead. Looking at the photos, I can see that the blazer is rather big on me. One of these days, I'll need to replace it, although I don't wear it often, so there's no rush.

I've learned that it's important to buy my clothing in the correct size type. You'd think that would always be Petites, considering my lack of height, but it's not. The best size type for my body varies with the type of clothing:
  Dresses - Petites or Juniors
  Knit shirts / tees - Regular for most brands; Petites for a few
  Button-up shirts - Petites or Juniors
  Jackets - Petites
  Sweaters - Regular or Petites
  Skirts - Petites for most brands
  Pants - Petites
  Jeans - Petites or short length regular
  Capri pants - Petites
  Shorts - Regular

Since it's almost time for a closet culling, having the above list will help me determine what to keep and what to toss. I'd better go write that down...


lindalou607 said...

Very cute outfit!

Grammy Goodwill said...

I agree with your husband. That dress looks great on you. I like that pin, too.

Mia said...

This IS a great dress, and it looks great on you! The pink accents really make it.

I struggle along with correct sizing in so many arenas. 90% of my closet is ALMOST-fitting stuff with a few perfect gems. And I don't doubt that the gems won't fit perfectly in a few months or years thanks to natural body fluctuations!

Melissa G said...

Thanks, ladies!

I agree, Mia, about how stuff that fits now is going to fit much differently in time. Just the other day, I found the dress I wore in my little sister's wedding 15 years ago. It zipped up, but only just barely. And the darts aren't in the right places anymore, LOL!