Monday, February 23, 2015

Sunday Style, Still Layering

Composing this post is challenging; there is a heat-seeking Dachsund on my lap.

Typing is not too difficult, but there is an occasional groaning protest if my hands move too much. And the groans do not emanate from me.

Nonetheless, I am determined to share yesterday's church outfit with you, because I was rather pleased with how it turned out. I've seen other bloggers layer a sweater over a dress, but had never tried it myself. This is a wonderful way to get more use out of those short-season dresses!

Outfit details:  
Xhileration dress, worn as a skirt - Target; Tahari sweater - thrifted;
fleece-lined leggings - local shop that has since moved away;
St Johns Bay boots - JC Penney.

This dress is one I tend to wear only in the spring or early summer, because of its thin jersey nature and the deep scoop back. It's not comfortable to wear in hot weather, because it requires lump-hiding underthings, which of course, enhances the heat. Not a good thing in July. It is, however, a perfect dress to wear beneath a bulky sweater! No lump hiders required, either. The fleece lined tights and the thick sweater did that job nicely. 

My love for vintage pins continues to grow. This sparkling green-eyed kitty was purchased at a teensy-tinsey shop downtown, Heritage Collections. The proprietor recently moved a couple doors down to a more spacious building and I am anxious to meander through her expanded inventory. I'm sure she is happy to have room for more than two customers at one time in her store! Yes, that is just how tiny her previous location was. I think it was about the size of my laundry room. But she sure did pack a lot of goodies into the cramped quarters! 

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