Monday, February 2, 2015

Weekend Style, 1-31 & 2-1

This weekend, I wore pretty much the same thing both days, and didn't get any photos taken either day. Because the outfits turned out fairly well, I laid out the looks on the surface of the bed so I could still share them with you.

On Saturday, my daughter and I went to town for a Girls' Day. We shopped at Goodwill, went to Caribou for coffee and a game of checkers, and looked around the new Marshall's store. On the way home, we stopped at a little bakery for nourishment. The weather was not nice - a cold rain fell the entire time, with a few snow flurries tossed in occasionally. We didn't let it hamper our fun, though!

Outfit details:  Sweater - Modcloth; scarf - handmade, gift; Cecil pants - gift; 
Fitzwell boots - eBay; earrings - JC Penney.

Despite the frigid temperatures, I was quite warm in this outfit. In fact, I got overheated eventually and wrapped the scarf around my daughter, who hadn't worn a heavy coat. The cold rain changed over to snow overnight, so for Sunday's church outfit I decided to wear the same thing, except change out the sweater and scarf so I wouldn't get so hot.

Outfit details:  Faded Glory chambray shirt - Walmart; Dachshund scarf - Amazon; Cecil pants - gift; 
Fitzwell boots - eBay; earrings - Premier Designs Jewelry party ages ago.

As it turns out, I should have worn the chambray shirt on Saturday and the sweater on Sunday. It was slightly cooler at church than I'd anticipated, but I never got cold. Boo snuggled up next to me on the pew most of the time, sharing his little boy heat with me. It was SO nice to have Boo and his mommy and his daddy in church with us! Sure made this Grammy happy!

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Grammy Goodwill said...

I love those red pants! And I know what you mean about little boy heat. William is so hot all the time, too, but he's not much into snuggling anymore. I'm glad you had all three of them in church for her birthday weekend.