Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Chasing Rabbits and Going Back in Time

Over the years, I've been leader of a few groups and facilitated several Bible studies, and one thing that's been a struggle for me is allowing the group (and myself) to chase rabbits. Go off on tangents. Get distracted from the topic at hand. You get the drift. I find myself doing this at home and with this blog, as well. My intentions of keeping a routine are good, but life has a way of tossing fluffy bunnies at me and I get distracted.

Nonetheless....sometimes the rabbits hop back across the path my feet should have been following in the first place. Leave the rabbit alone and get back on track!

Good thing my path has a lot of curves. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Going back in time to last Wednesday, here's what I wore on my birthday:

Outfit details: l.e.i. shirt - Walmart; Jones New York pants - thrifted;
cherries scarf - birthday gift from MA; earrings - JCP; 
Dachshund pin - gift from Some Postman (b-day last year);
Clarks shoes - thrifted.

My sweet friend MA sends me a goodie box every year for my birthday, and this adorable cherry print scarf was part of my gift this time. Isn't it cute? The entire outfit centers around the scarf. 

Notice the faint red streak in my hair? I have had some Garnier Color Styler in the cabinet for months and finally decided to try it. It's not nearly as "bold" as indicated on the packaging, but perhaps I used too light a hand with it. I did like the effect, so will give it another go sometime.

To keep the cherry theme going, I wore these Fun Socks that my sister Bev gave me for Christmas. Sure, I'm the only one who saw them, but just knowing you're wearing fun socks is enough to make you smile. :)

My birthday was a chilly day threatening rain, so instead of topping off my cherry outfit with cream, I topped it with this berry-bright rain coat by Black Rivet, which I purchased at a thrift store last fall. No one had any trouble seeing me dart from my car into various stores as I went around town gathering birthday freebies - pastry from Panera, coffee from Caribou, pancakes from IHOP, ice cream from Baskin Robbins.

The rain arrived in earnest later in the afternoon, thankfully after I'd arrived back at home with my loot. My next-door neighbor's daughter was celebrating her birthday, too (birthday buddies!); she brought over one of her birthday cupcakes to share. And look - it had a cherry on top! Perfect! Thank you, E!

*****Post Script*****
In the middle of composing this post, I was forced to chase a rabbit. Not a real rabbit. Actually, it was a dead mouse. The dog wanted to come inside, so I opened the front door to let her in. As she entered, I saw she'd dragged up a dead mouse and left it right in front of the door. So I got a paper towel, picked up the mouse by the tail and flung it over the fence into the pasture. Upon my return to the front door, I finally noticed the fat maggots squirming around where the mouse had been. OH ICKY POO!!! That is NOT something I can remove with only the protection of a paper towel! Ew ew ew! Can't leave 'em there.... I'll have you know I was VERY brave to get the old broom from the garage, sweep those nasty buggers onto the old dustpan (NOT using my good broom & pan for that!) and fling them over the fence. 

And then I scrubbed my hands. Twice.


Grammy Goodwill said...

I'm sorry I missed your birthday. It sounds like you had a good one. You look great, so you must be aging well. Hehehehehehe. (I think I'm so funny.) I know exactly what you mean about fun socks.

Mia said...

I forgot to say happy birthday! I guess that means we're just extending the celebrations a little. The cherries all over this post are extremely delightful--especially the cherry-red streak in your hair. It's very flattering!

Mia said...
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Melissa G said...

Thanks, Ladies! :)