Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Sunday Style - Look Ma, No Tights!

The weather in the Flint Hills went from icy frigid last week to sunny warm last weekend - and it's staying that way all this week. So lovely! We're so excited for the spring temps around here that I put my fleece leggings in the wash, and Some Postman put his woolen long johns in, too. We really, really hope the days of wearing layers under our jeans is over until next fall. Fingers crossed!

It was so nice Sunday morning that I decided to go bare-legged under my skirt. No jacket or coat, either! Granted, the dash out to the car and the first five miles of the ride to church were rather chilly, but I toughed it out.

 Outfit details:  sweater - Dress Barn; St Johns Bay tee - JC Penney's; 
George skirt - thrifted; Nurture booties - thrifted; necklace - constructed by me; earrings - hmm???

(Believe it or not, these pale legs had about four days' worth of fake tanning lotion . They were even whiter before!)

In anticipation of attending our niece's wedding this coming weekend, I got my hair trimmed and colored. My stylist recommended the balayage method of painting highlights by hand (no painful hole-y cap, no foil). It was so easy and painless! Best experience I've ever had getting highlights, and I really like the way it turned out. So natural looking. Sadly, one side of my hair insists on sticking out, as you can see above, despite using a glob of smoothing cream. No matter how intently I study how my stylists does my hair, I can never duplicate it at home. This is how it looked right after the salon visit:

Hopefully I can duplicate the 'do a little more closely this weekend for the wedding. Or at least get that right side to stay down.

No more posts from me until after the big wedding. See you all next week!


lantabmom said...

Love the outfit. Your highlights are awesome. I feel the same after coming home from the salon, it never goes the same for yourself. Have a great trip.

Mia said...

I thought you'd gotten a cut! It looks great, even after the salon styling. Your hair and eye colors go together so nicely.

Melissa G said...

Thank you, ladies! You're so sweet! :)