Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A Favorite Skirt

Do you have a favorite skirt? The George cotton skirt that I bought at a thrift store and altered to fit me is one of my favorites; in fact, it's probably my most favorite skirt. It fits perfectly, so it's comfortable. The colors and print patterns make me smile. Until this combination worn on Palm Sunday, however, I've only ever worn a coral tee with the skirt. It's good to branch out and try something different, and I do like the way this outfit turned out.

Outfit details:  Christopher & Banks sweater - thrifted; George skirt - thrifted;
Fergalicious peep-toes - thrifted; hoop earrings - JCP;
vintage tulip pin - local shop.

See? Smiling! More or less. With my kid-sized mouth, it's difficult to make a big, full-on smile. It's also a challenge to get dental x-rays. They have to use the kid-sized bites on me, and even those hurt. I think my mouth is about the only tiny body part I've got. But I don't let it stop me from gabbing! Ha ha ha!

Well, I certainly didn't see that topic coming up in today's post. Where DO these rabbits come from?! Back to something relevant to the subject at hand - the vintage tulip pin. Every time we visit an antique shop or consignment store, I peruse the vintage pins. Most of the time, I'm drawn to animal pins or bold flowers. This attraction to vintage pins began a long time ago, when I was a newlywed. My dear mother-in-law gave me a few of her pretty pins when I took a job at a pharmacy. After having been a waitress wearing a uniform prior to that, it was fun to "dress up" for work and add jewelry to the mix. My collection of vintage pins has continued to expand over the past 25 years. I told Some Postman that I've got so many now, that I should wear one every day, even around the house! He wasn't too sure that was a good idea, but I'm pretty sure it is. 


Grammy Goodwill said...

You look great in this outfit. I love the pin. (I laughed about your child size mouth. I never noticed that before.)

lantabmom said...

What a pretty pin, and I love the skirt, you do look great in it!

Mia said...

What a good look! The colors go together so well that it almost resembles a neat drop-waist dress. I like the idea of pins but have a hard time integrating them into my wardrobe; if I find any good ones in the future, I know who to send them to.

Melissa G said...

Grammy: Yeah, you don't notice how small my mouth is on account of how fat my cheeks are! LOL
Leah: Thank you, little sis! ♥
Mia: I hadn't thought about this outfit looking like a drop-waist dress, but you're right! And if you find any cool pins you can't use, I'd be happy to give 'em a whirl! :D