Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Blessings!

Happy Easter! Jesus is risen! Alleluia!

To keep the joyful celebration going, my goal is to post something HAPPY each day this week. If it doesn't make it here on the blog, it will be on my Facebook page. Lent is over - Easter has arrived! Spring is sprouting! Burn season is almost over! Happy, happy, happy! :D

Today's "happy post" - my impromptu Easter outfit. I'd planned to wear the same dress from a couple of years ago, but when I put it on Saturday night for a test run, it just didn't feel right. The fit was fine, I just wasn't feeling comfortable in it. A skirt and flowy top seemed like a better idea, and so this is what I put together:

Outfit details: St Johns Bay top - JC Penney's; Worthington skirt - thrifted;
scarf - thrifted; belt - Rue21; Fergalicious shoes - thrifted;
earrings and butterfly clip - from MIL's collection.

In order to keep the scarf to the side, I added this vintage springy butterfly clip that my dear mother-in-law gave me many years ago. The butterfly is a classic Easter symbol of new life, and since the clip was a gift from my MIL, it brought fond memories with it. Part of our Easter meal was made and eaten in memory of Some Postman's mom as well, but that's a story for another day.

Might as well address the state of those hose, since their flaws are glaringly obvious in the above photo. They are Victoria's Secret control top pantyhose, which I thankfully purchased at Goodwill for 99¢ (new in the package, of course!). If I had paid retail price in the VS store, I may have returned them. Note the snags at the top of my foot where the shoe rubs...those snags aren't from these shoes, but from the first wearing of the hose at our niece's wedding, while wearing my fancy silver heels...that didn't even rub at the top of my foot! Also, the hose have a bad habit of sliding off my waist to ride on my hips, and despite the fact I have short legs, it took a lot of tugging to get the crotch where it belongs. Goodbye, VS pantyhose! I'll stick with my usual No Nonsense hose when the need arises.

At the last minute, I decided to carry my vintage apple green "pocketbook" bag. It added another pop of happy color to the outfit. Why is it called a "pocketbook"? My great-aunt Lola always called them "pocketbooks", and this one reminds me of the bags she carried, which is why I call it by that name. But really...what IS a pocketbook? It doesn't fit in one's pocket, and it's not a book at all. Things that make you say "hmmmm"....

And so I Googled it. Jonathan Walford's Blog has a very informative post on the subject here. Fascinating stuff! I've found both fashion history and word origins absolutely entrancing since high school. How fun to combine the subjects! Catch y'all later - I'm off to chase some Google rabbits....

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