Friday, April 10, 2015

First Yard Sale Day of the Season!

The last Saturday in March was the first time Some Postman and I went out to hit the yard sales this season. The weather was downright perfect for saling - sunny, not too windy early on (it picked up by mid-morning, of course, as it usually does in Kansas), and only cold if you hung out in the shade. We also visited the local thrift store and collectibles shop while out and about. This was most of our loot:

Tupperware Quick Chef Chopper, $5
 Yes, I already have one of these in blue, but the price was right and I could not pass it by. If mine shells out, then I'll have one to replace it. Or, if my daughter develops an interest in cooking more complicated meals, she might need one. A mother can hope!

Bumbo seat, $5
 Yes, there will be a new baby in our family soon! My daughter will bless us with a second grandbaby in early October. I'm regretting selling Boo's Bumbo seat last summer (his was in better shape than this one), but this one will do for using at Grammy's house.

Whirling Earth pottery bowl, $1

A couple of years ago, there was a pottery kiln in town called Whirling Earth. They made some beautiful pieces, many of which I would have loved to purchase, but the prices were a bit steep for me. Lucky for me, someone decided to part with this heart-shaped bowl for only a buck! Note the little heart-shaped hole for hanging at the top.

Old milk can, $7
The old  milk can was Some Postman's big find of the day. He picked up some other stuff, too, but not as interesting as this!

Vintage pins
 The spool/needle/button pin was purchased for $1 at the same yard sale where SP found his milk can. Isn't it cute? :) The other two pins were purchased at a downtown collectibles shop. I'm not sure what vintage the cat pin hales from, but it makes me think of the Egyptian revival period of the 1920s. The poor Road Runner pin will forever be chasing himself in circles; someone else purchased the Wile E. Coyote pin and left Road Runner behind! So, so sad....but maybe I'll find one on eBay someday. No luck yet, though.


Grammy Goodwill said...

Congratulations on the expected grandchild.

lantabmom said...

I have the food chopper in red too. I got it on ebay for when Jeremy makes his salsa!!

Melissa G said...

Thanks, Grammy Goodwill! More grandbabies are always welcome, as you know. :)

Leah, I got my blue food chopper on eBay, too! Paid more than $5 for it, but still less than I would have if I'd ordered it.