Tuesday, April 28, 2015

French Girl

Do you ever wake up in the morning with a song already playing in your head? Sunday mornings are "alarm free" so we can sleep in a little. Ha! Like our internal clocks and the ever-earlier rising sun peeking through the east window would ever allow that to happen! Normally we wake up to music - that infernal beeping annoys the heck out of me. So Sunday morning, my brain decided it would wake me up with internal music. Why this particular song? I have no idea! 

I'm not a French girl, at least not literally. 
Did this song influence my outfit choice for the day? Perhaps a tiny bit.
When I think about what a French girl might wear, what comes to mind is a pastel sundress with a full skirt and a skinny belt, with a lacy short sleeved sweater over her shoulders and a long scarf tied about her neck. She would have simple strappy sandals on her bare feet and a floppy hat upon her head. And of course, a bright smile on her pink lips.
It was cold here Sunday morning, so the only thing pulled from that image is the long scarf.

Outfit details: Cato top - thrifted; Spiegel skirt - thrifted; scarf - gift from SIL; Nurture shoes - thrifted
Can you picture me riding a scooter in this outfit? I can see me falling OFF a scooter in this outfit! Actually, I doubt it would matter what clothes were upon my ungraceful self; I'd fall off the thing regardless. 

Sure, my need for another jacket in my closet equals my need for a hole in my head, but I was unable to resist putting in a bid on the eBay auction for a pair of Cato jackets. The khaki one looked nice with Sunday's outfit, although it didn't keep out the stiff north wind we had that day. You'll see the black-and-white print jacket here one of these days.

Of course I had to add a vintage pin to the mix. This one has an interesting story how it entered my collection. My mother-in-law gave my daughter a large box of beads one summer when she was about 10 years old. Mom G put this fishy pin in the box, thinking Min would think it was funny and use it in one of her bead creations. I don't think my daughter ever noticed the pin, but I did when I helped sort beads once. This happy fish has been swimming on my lapels ever since!

After wearing these shoes all morning, I realized that my foot didn't hurt one bit, and it still felt fine the rest of the day after I swapped the shoes for mocs. However, yesterday...much pain! Not sure if wearing a heel is a good idea or a bad one. I'll have to do more research, I suppose. If I'm stuck wearing this pair of Mary Janes every day, though, I don't think I'll mind!

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