Friday, April 3, 2015

Recent Thrifting Finds

Welcome aboard my bloggy time machine! Today we're traveling back about 2.5 weeks...maybe 3? my most recent visit to Goodwill and Grand Old Trunk. I was quite thrilled with my finds, and didn't want to skip sharing them with you all.

Lands End Swimsuit
 With the limitations in workout choices my foot has given me, I'm anticipating taking a water aerobics class this summer at the city pool. While my retro-style red-with-white-polka-dots suit is super cute, it's not very practical for flailing about in order to burn calories. This Lands End two-piece offers durable fabric, good support and (hopefully) the ability to stay ON. Lucky for me, the lady who donated it was pear shaped; the top is a size smaller than the bottom. Perfect! I am a teensy bit concerned that the bottom might be a tad loose in the waist, but that's easily fixed with a tuck or two. The first test run in the pool, I'll be sure to have a safety pin handy just in case.

Shoes for Crews black leather oxfords
 Despite my nagging efforts to convince Some Postman that he needed new dress shoes before we traveled to Arizona for our niece's wedding, we did not succeed in purchasing him a pair. It didn't help that we spent a solid two weeks hacking and coughing and generally feeling like road kill, and only just recovering in time to board the plane. Some Postman's compromise was to trim the tassels from his old dress shoes, which did help the looks of them. But I still wanted something less '90s for him to wear with his suit....and found these black leather oxfords after we returned home from the wedding. Ah, well, better late than not at all! They did have shoestrings, but one was mutilated, and they do need a good polishing. But, lucky me, they were half price! Very doable for three bucks!

Rosetti gray handbag & unknown brand brown purse
 In the last year or so, I've been drawn to classic handbags with many pockets, and prefer the durability of leather. However, the price of new leather purses nearly causes me to have a panic attack. Even used ones on eBay go for steep prices. I've found a couple of lovely leather bags at Goodwill at prices that I'm far more comfortable paying. Neither of the above pictured purses are real leather, but they are good quality faux leather and sturdy canvas. Of the two, I like the gray one best, mostly because it has a boat-load of pockets.

Set of four small tortilla bakers
And finally, something completely frivolous but fun - mini tortilla shell bakers! I've seen the large ones in stores, but never these little ones. As I'm a sucker for anything miniature, I could not resist these cuties. I've used them once already and love them! They make perfect little hand-sized taco salad bowls from soft corn tortillas. Yummy!


Grammy Goodwill said...

You always find such great things, but the swim suit is a really good one.

Mia said...

Oh, great! That swimsuit looks great for exercise. I should really look into whether staff can use the pool at work or if it's just for athletics students. Also, those tortilla things--hilarious! Mike doesn't like soft tacos so I let him fry the tortillas into shells, but this sort of thing would be nice for not having to mess with all that oil.

Melissa G said...

I recall seeing some pretty awesome finds you've thrifted, Grammy Goodwill! :) Mia, that would be awesome if you could use the pool at work. How convenient would that be! And yes, those funky tortilla bakers are great for eliminating frying. When you bake instead of fry, however, you do lose the flavor of the fat, so you might want to spray the tortillas with an oil spritzer before baking. I'm going to try that myself next time. They were a tad dry, done just plain.