Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Adventures in Thrifting, Late May / Early June Edition

It's time for another episode of Adventures in Thrifting! Here's a look at the treasures I've picked up the past few weeks at second-hand stores and yard sales.

Lace shawl with fringe ~ C9 shorts ~ vintage pin

At the shop where I purchased the vintage pin, I noticed the owner had tied a lacy, fringed shawl around a lamp shade. This gave me inspiration for adding a pretty touch to the decor for the lingerie shower I gave my friend a few weeks ago. Then I found this purple shawl at the next shop I visited! It's rather large, but I made it work, and it really did look pretty for the party. Now I don't know what to do with it, though! While I enjoy scarves, I'm not big on shawls. As for those shorts... I'm not a runner, so I don't plan to wear them for their intended purpose. They will be worn over that lime green swimsuit seen in a previous post.

Bon Voyage! That's what I named this fun little vintage pin. Hot pink is not the best background color for it, though. I think it will be adorable with my navy & white striped shirt!

Pampered Chef baking stone with handle ~ Tupperware large Fridgesmart container ~ Pampered Chef mini whip
These items were acquired at a sale that offered a great deal - fill a HUGE bag for $7. Between Some Postman and me, we filled our bag with 14 things, so each item's cost was only 50¢! I plan to give the baking stone to my son, if he wants it. The Fridgesmart container will be great for holding our garden produce this summer. I already have a mini whip in my kitchen catch-all drawer, but when you find a second one at a fill-a-bag sale, you get it anyway!

Box of sewing stuff ~ Caribou Coffee mug ~ devotional book
The devotional book will go in my friend MA's birthday box. She's one of those delightful people who thinks it's just awesome to get a thrifted gift - it's just like new, and the giver is able to give a more bountiful birthday box because she didn't spend a lot of money on it! (I'm also one of those kinds of people, if you hadn't already guessed.) Inside the plastic box is a bunch of thread - including a spool of Gutermann thread (high quality stuff!), needles, patches, etc. Check out the extra-awesome vintage packet of needles!

Thinking that I might sell the Caribou Coffee mug on eBay, I did a little research on it. This cup is called "Psychedelic" and is part of a '70s themed collection. But they don't sell for much on eBay, so I'll keep it for myself. Besides, how can I resist the humor inside the mug?


Grammy Goodwill said...

Great bargains. You're a great shopper.

lantabmom said...

The packet of needles is very cool! Great finds. I love the idea of finding thrifted gifts too, I look forward to the time in my life that I will have the time to do more thrifting! :)

Bflowers said...

Love that mug!!