Friday, June 5, 2015

Casual Workday Outfit

Our church secretary asked me to fill in for her a few days recently, and I agreed...with a little bit of apprehension. You see, she is VERY good at her job, and is practically indispensable at church. How could I even begin to do as well as she? Thankfully, she prepared everything in advance, so basically all that I needed to do was "hit send".

To help give myself some confidence, I put together an outfit that was comfortable with a bit of kick. Thankfully, the church office is a casual workplace (Pastor's usual "uniform" is jeans and a plaid shirt with the sleeves rolled up), so jeans and cowgirl boots were perfect. There's just something about cowgirl boots that lend confidence!

(My apologies for the not-so-great mirror shots. The lighting in my room isn't good this time of year, and I just can't find anything the correct height on which to prop up my camera in order to use the timer.)

 Outfit details:  Xhileration jacket-thingy - thrifted; Gap tee - thrifted;
(can't remember which pair) jeans - most likely thrifted; Mossimo boots - Target.

Ring - thrifted

Even though this jacket-thing (what IS it, anyway?!) is 100% polyester, I could not bring myself to purge it from my closet. Since it's a layering piece, I can easily wear a cotton tee underneath and take it off when it raises my temperature too much. The butterflies are simply too pretty and the colors too delightful, more than making up for being a bad choice of fabric for a woman of my age. How can I resist a polyester butterfly-covered, butterfly-wing-sleeved, navy-with-pops-of-poppy jacket-wrap-doohicky? I can't!


lantabmom said...

Love the outfit, comfy and casual, yet sophisticated. Are your boots comfy too?

Melissa G said...

Yes, the boots are quite comfy! They are one of the best things to wear if I'm going to be on my feet a long time.

Mia said...

I like the jacket-thing! It has a good drape that's hard to get outside of, like, silk chiffon, which feels way too fancy for the usual workday. (For me, at least.) I've mostly excised polyester and poly-blends from my closet because I need clothing that BREATHES, but there are a few like this that are light and gauzy, and I don't mind hanging onto them.

Melissa G said...

I completely agree with you on both points, Mia! :) Silk chiffon would be entirely too fancy for the average workday around here, for sure. This is cattle country, after all! And 'clothing that breathes'...great way to describe it.