Monday, July 20, 2015

A Post Script

A couple of days after I wrote the previous blog entry, I remembered the Captain Kirk coffee mug that my friend D gave me. We'd gone shopping together and while roaming through Hobby Lobby, I spotted the mug and found it hilarious. It was too highly priced for my cheapskate blood, so I didn't purchase it; besides, I've got a plethora of coffee mugs already, and Some Postman is forever telling me to thin the herd.

D is a generous soul, however, and gifted the mug to me a couple of weeks later. It is indeed hilarious and makes me smile every time I see the gaudy thing. And of course, I think of my dear friend, too. It's a bit awkward to hold (and rather disconcerting to imagine sipping from James T. Kirk's head!) so I use it as a candy dish instead.

Live long and prosper, D. Set phasers to stun. Warp speed ahead!

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lantabmom said...

That is a pretty cool mug. Great way to use it too!