Sunday, July 26, 2015

Stye Imitating Art: The Singing Butler

The Singing Butler by Jack Vettriano

Style Imitating Art is a challenge issued every other week by bloggers Jess, Salazar, and Jen; the idea is to draw inspiration from the chosen artwork for one's outfit. I've actually participated once (maybe twice?), but have desired to do so many times. Something inevitably distracts me, however, and the opportunity passes by without my rising to the challenge.

This most recent SIA choice, however, was apparently MEANT TO BE. Not only did I find Jack Vettriano's work quite lovely and pleasing....but I found it hanging on the wall in one of my favorite local shops - for sale at a VERY nice price! 

(Please pardon the poor quality was taken with my not-very-smart phone!)

After a delightful chat with the shop owner and a trip to the coffee shop with my friend J to mull it over, I made the purchase and brought The Singing Butler home with me. Yay! I don't purchase art often, but when I do, it's because the piece touches my spirit in a special way. This piece speaks of love, romance, and elegance with the dancing couple; and of dedication with their servants, protecting them from the elements as they hold each other close.

Anyway, back to SIA....

Happily, a red dress resides in my closet, so that is what I wore for this challenge. My plan was to wear black heels with it, but my bad foot is acting up, so I went with flats instead. I'd have gone barefoot for the photos, but (happily for the sake of matching the scene at least a little bit) it had just rained and the yard was full of grass trimmings from being mowed the night before and we had church to attend after the photos. 

 Outfit details: Merona dress - Target; Clarks Privo flats - eBay;
necklace & earrings - not sure, had them forever!
Umbrella - free premium from Lipton Tea, ages ago.

After I brought home my new art print, I did some research on it. The Singing Butler is an oil-on-canvas painted by Scottish artist Jack Vettriano in 1992. Reproductions of this painting are the best selling art print in the UK. It has been compared to Grant Wood's American Gothic. (Info found on Wikipedia.) I've decided it will hang in our bedroom, but only after I've replaced the blue matting, which isn't the best color to accent either the print or my walls. In the meantime, it's propped next to the living room book case, where I can see it often throughout the day. It makes me smile each time it catches my eye! Thank you, Jess, for choosing this piece for SIA, and thank you, Karen, for offering a copy for sale in your shop!

You can see others' inspirations when Jess posts them on her blog Animated Cardigan after Monday, July 27.


lantabmom said...

That art is really pretty and fun. Love your red dress, and you look beautiful in it!

Melissa G said...

Thanks, lil sis! :)

Grammy Goodwill said...

That looks like a fun print to own. Also, I really like your red dress. I think you left out an important part of the picture though. Where was Some Postman?