Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Red Sundress - Sunday Style

Gracious sakes...I wore this dress to church at least six weeks ago! I'd hoped to get caught up on my summer outfit posts before the end of August, but obviously that hasn't happened. Life has simply been too busy!

Outfit details:  Jones New York dress - thrifted; Style & Co sweater - thrifted;
BOC sandals - Vanderbuilt's; red seaglass necklace - eBay.

Sorry about the blurry pic above; it was the "best" one Some Postman took of me without the sweater. I've found that a sweater - or a shirt with sleeves - is necessary to wear at church. The air conditioning is set fairly low in the sanctuary, and they always have the fans going. This past Sunday, the fan directly over our pew was on TURBO speed, making the four of us (SP, me, our son, and his girlfriend) huddle together for warmth. I suggested to the kids that they wear long sleeves next week!