Sunday, October 4, 2015

An Outfit I'll Never Forget! SIA: Book Club

Style Imitating Art (SIA) is hosted by Jen of Librarian for Life and Style this go-around. Her choice was this 1936 - 1940 WPA "Be Kind to Books" poster by Arlington Gregg:

I've been wanting to participate in this fun challenge again, but have simply not been struck with inspiration for an outfit until this one. As soon as I saw the poster, I knew exactly what pieces from my closet would work.

 Outfit details:  Top ~ Goodwill; Jeans ~ Target; Dansko shoes ~ eBay;
Socks ~ Modcloth; Necklace ~ MIL's collection; Ring ~ yard sale.

I chose these socks not only because of the theme of the poster, but also in honor of Banned Books Week (Sept 27 - Oct 3, 2015). It seemed fitting to have books hidden under my pant legs. :) After hiking up those black jeans all day, I decided it's time to replace them. They are simply too big. Not a bad problem to have! 

I wore my SIA outfit on Thursday, Oct 1st, feeling a little more dressed up for running errands and attending a meeting at church in the afternoon. It also turned out to be what I wore to witness my granddaughter's birth! As I pulled into the church parking lot, my phone buzzed with a text message. I didn't read it until after getting my ducks in a row for the was my son-in-law saying he'd taken my daughter to the hospital and it was FOR REAL this time! Squeal! The ladies wanted to send me back out the door right away, but there was plenty of time for me to lead the meeting. I'm not sure I remember everything we discussed, however. I hope someone took notes...ha ha! 

After I got home, I kept busy until Some Postman arrived home from work. We left for the hospital within the hour, and by the time we got there, Min was in the throes of hard labor. Poor thing, she burst into tears as soon as she saw me enter the room. She'd told me days earlier that it was up to me whether to be in the birth room with her or not, but I think she really did want me there. I'm so very glad I went! B wiped her forehead and spoke softly in her ear, while I braced her right leg (a nurse had the left) and had the joy of seeing my precious granddaughter enter the world. I've witnessed the miracle of birth several times, but I have to say...this one was the most wonderful!

Meet our sweet baby girl....

And here she is, all cleaned up (3 days old):

If you haven't guessed....this Grammy is in LOVE!!! She is so precious, sweet, cute, lovable, soft, cuddly, and wonderful! Big brother Boo loves her and is a good helper. Soon Grammy will come up with a nickname for this bundle of joy. For now, she's simply my sweetheart!


Mia said...

Hey, congratulations! The socks have gotta be a good-luck charm that means she'll grow up to be a reader, right? (I'm grasping at straws, but buying books for people--kids in particular--is just the best.)

Melissa G said...

Thanks, Mia! Oh I do hope she'll grow up to be a reader. I'll certainly help supply her with plenty of books!