Sunday, October 18, 2015

It's Been a Warm Fall So Far...

Fall is my favorite season, especially fashion-wise. I love to wear cozy sweaters, scarves, boots, etc, but not have to cover everything with a coat. This fall in the Flint Hills, it still has yet to be cool enough to fully embrace anything very cozy and warm! For now, my short sleeve sweaters and light weight scarves are taking the stage. Some days have been cool enough to break out ankle boots. And I do wear a jacket to do morning chores most of the time.

Here's a church outfit I wore on a warm Sunday in September (kitty photobomb!):

Outfit details:  sweater ~ Dressbarn, clearance rack; tee ~ JC Penney's;
skirt ~ JC Penney's, clearance rack; shoes ~; 
silk scarf ~ free box at yard sale (it was NEW!);
earrings ~ ???; bracelet ~ antique store.

Have to say, I was really pleased at how this outfit turned out. Not only was it very comfortable, but everything fit well and I loved the colors together. OK, with adjustment, everything fit well. Had to roll up the waistband of the skirt a couple of times to keep the hem from dragging the ground. Luckily, the wide elastic band lent itself to such a maneuver and actually stayed put.  


Grammy Goodwill said...

Nice outfit. I like the scarf and bracelet especially.

Melissa G said...

Thanks! Accessories really make an outfit sometimes, don't they?

lantabmom said...

I like how you pulled it all together and you look comfortable!

Mia said...

It's been warm here too--I think it was a high of 84 today? I'm mainly acknowledging the change of seasons by wearing socks with my outfits. Anyhow, I like this a lot! Good transitional outfit with a great set of colors.

Melissa G said...

Thanks, Leah and Mia! :)