Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Orange and Blue Sunday Style

Sometimes it's fun to wear a color combination that's a bit different. One of my favorite combos is purple and green. Or red and lime green. On this particular Sunday in October, I put together pumpkin orange and royal blue. With cowgirl boots, of course.

Outfit details:  dress ~ eBay; sweater ~ Target; 
boots ~ Target; bracelet ~ Walmart.

I didn't get a close up photo, so you can't really see it, but I had to do some adjusting to this dress in order for it to fit better. One of the biggest problems I have with dresses is my narrow shoulders and more-pear-than-hourglass shape. Without the sweater, it would have been much more obvious, but the top of the dress gaped on me. My solution was to gather the front of the neckline into a few pleats, then secure it with a simple bar pin. Not only did this solve the problem of it falling off my shoulders, but it added a little extra design detail. I like that it isn't a permanent alteration; I can use a different pin or even change the location of the pleating for a slightly different look.


lantabmom said...

Love this outfit on you. And what a cool idea to gather the top, it looks great.

Melissa G said...

Thanks, Leah! :)

Mia said...

Agreed--that gather is great! And I love the orange/blue/white combo. I did that myself once--dang, was it really two years ago? Sheesh. Anyway:


So yeah, lookin' good!

Melissa G said...

Well, look at that! You and I have some similar style wavelengths goin' on, Mia. :D