Thursday, November 19, 2015

This Week's Sunday Style

This is what I wore to church this past Sunday. That's right - it's only been a few days since this outfit was worn and I'm already writing about it! Please don't fall over from the shock. I'd be sad if you injured yourself.

 Some Postman got me laughing!

Outfit details:  sweater - thrifted; top - Target; skirt - JC Penney's;
earrings - MIL's collection; scarf - thrifted; boots -

Pairing olive and plum makes me happy. Adding the gold sweater gave the outfit some sparkle, and the scarf helped to tie all the colors together. I was quite pleased with this outfit.

These earrings came from my dear mother-in-law's collection. I wear them every autumn and think of her.

Fun socks! Of course! Having little sweater-wearing Dachshunds peek over the tops of my boots was the perfect finishing touch, don't you think?


Grammy Goodwill said...

I love all the colors you're wearing and how the scarf tied them all up. (Hehehe.) Your socks don't surprise me anymore. I expect nothing less.

Carol Renteria said...

Awesome, beautiful fall colors! And I agree, you did a fantastic job of working them all together. My favorite colors are earthtones...from my home to my choice of clothes. So if you get tired of this outfit, send it to me....hahaha. PS: I like your weinie socks too.

Melissa G said...

Fall colors are the best, aren't they? And it would appear that crazy socks have become part of my signature style. Awesome! Ha ha ha!

lantabmom said...

I love the colors too. Lana wore her same weinie socks the other day with a pair of boots and they stuck out the top, her leggings tucked into them. :D

Melissa G said...

Aw, my little niece is taking after her auntie with fun socks! :)

Bflowers said...

Love the colors, earrings and those booties are CUTE! Lana made sure to bring some fun socks you had given her to wear during our niece sleepover last weekend!

Melissa G said...

Spreading the love of fun socks - that's my goal! :D