Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Orange, Gray, and a Cling-on

Flannel shirts over tees and fuzzy pants have been my standard at-home wear over the past few months. As much as I love my flannel shirts, I am getting bored with them. I've got several new and new-to-me shirts, sweaters, and tops that have gotten very little use, and I believe it is time to rectify that. After many thrifting disappointments, I now have plenty of jeans that fit, too!

Here is a cozy, comfy casual outfit that I wore last week to run errands and attend a church ladies' meeting:

Outfit details:  top - JC Penney's; jeans - DressBarn;
earrings - MIL's collection; scarf - handmade gift from church lady friend; 
boots - Target.

I've been drawn to gray lately and prefer it over black to wear near my face, especially. Black just feels too harsh anymore. Gray is the perfect backdrop for my orange scarf, too! It doesn't get worn often, simply because there isn't a lot in my wardrobe that compliments it. I'm very glad this shirt helps fix that problem. The scarf is made of super soft yarn.

And now there's a clingy Dachshund parked on my lap, her head and paws dangling over my left arm, making typing a challenge. My brain is tired from all the thinking it had to do earlier today, so I guess that's all she wrote.

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