Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sunday Style: On The Casual Side

Normally, I wear a dress or skirt outfit to church on Sundays, but last week was bone-chillingly COLD, so I opted for close fitting, warm layers. Also, I wanted to wear my new sweater that I bought at Modcloth and it doesn't look right with a skirt. At least, none of the skirts in my closet. Oh wait...I bet my black leather pencil skirt would be perfect with this sweater! If it still fits me...I've dropped a size, so anything that's tailored, like a pencil skirt, doesn't fit very well anymore. Some clothing I can alter, but that leather skirt is lined and made of leather - both points being beyond my skill level in sewing.

Back to last Sunday's outfit...

Outfit details: sweater ~ Modcloth (no longer available, but sometimes they bring pieces back);
ribbed tank underneath ~ thrifted; floral pants ~ Walmart;
fleece lined leggings underneath ~ Amazon; 
necklace ~ vintage shop in Tucson, AZ; boots ~ thrifted.

There are several aspects about this Modcloth sweater that I love. The color, first of all, because gray is fast becoming my "new black". The angle of the cable knit in front is terrific for my shape; it visually widens my narrow shoulders and narrows my wider hips. Several Modcloth reviewers said the sweater is itchy, and it is at first, but wearing a tank top underneath helped with that, and I think it will become less itchy as it's worn and washed. The most interesting part of this sweater, however, is the back.

The back of the sweater plays peek-a-boo! I love the lace under-layer, and the fact that it covers my backside. This is important when your backside isn't as good at holding up your pants anymore. The joys of middle age! Ha ha!

Because I felt that my necklace needed more length, I added a simple silver chain bracelet as an "extender". I really like how the color of the tank top underneath is pulled out by the color in the necklace chain.

It has been a while since I've dared to put my feet into heels, and I wasn't so sure I wanted to keep wearing these boots after walking around the house before we left for church. My insole inserts helped quite a lot, though, and wearing them for a couple of hours didn't hurt my bum foot too  much. However, if I run across a pair of gray boots with a lower heel, I'll happily replace this pair.


lantabmom said...

I love, love, love this outfit on you! The sweater is so cute!!! It's fun and flatters you, and looks super comfy! If you don't mind sometime, when I come for a visit, maybe I could try it on to see how it looks on me, so I would know whether or not this type of clothing is something I could wear. I know I won't be purchasing clothing anytime soon, but knowing what to look for when I do get a chance would be very beneficial.

Melissa G said...

Thanks, Leah! This is definitely not a style silhouette I would have chosen for myself a few years ago, but it does seem to work for me now. Of course, you may try on anything in my closet you wish, any time!

Jen @ Librarian for Life and Style said...

Nice! That sweater is great, and the long necklace is the perfect finishing touch. :)

Melissa G said...

Thank you, Jen!

Grammy Goodwill said...

I love that sweater. You look so pretty.