Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Sunday Style: Vintage Fur

My generous sister-in-law gave me a beautiful vintage fur capelet (or mini cape) for Christmas. I'd seen it in the photos her daughter posted on Facebook advertising their garage sale earlier in the month. My SIL had acquired the fur from a resident at the retirement home she worked at about 10 years ago. Bless her heart - instead of selling the capelet, she mailed it to me! And I do LOVE it!

I'd planned to wear the capelet with my green sweater dress to my family's Christmas get-together, but it was entirely too windy and cold that day. So I saved it to wear to church this past Sunday. We had cold sunshine and not much wind, which was bearable, although I'll admit I was glad to reach the car when we left the building.

Outfit details:  vintage fur capelet ~ gift from SIL;
dress ~ eBay; boots ~ eBay;
bracelet ~ vintage shop.

At church, several ladies admired my fur - as did several men! We have many avid hunters in our congregation, and some of them trap as well. The men were mostly interested in identifying the animal fur. Muskrat, mink, and chinchilla were suggested. I have no idea, of course! 

When the fur came to me, it had a few places where the seams had come undone, so I repaired those before wearing it. The design is wonderful! You can see in the above photo how there is a split on each side for my arms to go through and into the little hand-warmer pockets. 


Curious about the fur's origins, I looked up "Furs by Francis" and discovered that the furrier opened its doors in Winona, Minnesota in 1949, and closed sometime in 2010. The mink jackets for Miss Minnesota winners were made there, and the second owner even raised his own foxes for a time. The exact age of my capelet isn't known, but from what my SIL told me, my best guess is that it was made in the 1950s.

Since I have very few occasions to wear fancy dress, I've been poking around on Pinterest to find ways to wear the capelet casually. It does appear to be possible! As long as the Kansas weather cooperates, I plan to feature the fur at least once more on the blog before spring.


lantabmom said...

That's really neat and looks good with that dress. How cool to know a little history with a clothing item.

twebsterarmstrong said...

I have a similar capelet - handed down in the family.
~ T.

Mia said...

Ooh, shmancy! You wear it well, and it looks great with the green of that dress. That bracelet's a perfect touch, too.

Melissa G said...

Thanks, ladies! T, I would love to see your capelet.