Thursday, February 11, 2016

Adventures in Thrifting, Winter Edition

For some reason, no one around these parts cares to throw a yard sale very often. The North Wind and danger of frostbite must be a deterrent. Thankfully, there are several thrift stores in our area, so I can get in a thrifting fix now and then. Some Postman and I enjoy visiting antique stores, also, which isn't quite "thrifting", but we do strive to get a good bargain when we make a purchase.

Here are a few of my recent thrift store finds:

The Sirloin Stockade glass is for Some Postman's collection. We both used to work for the restaurant; he has a few pieces to remember it by. I think I may have my old name tag somewhere... Even though I already have a Pampered Chef Chillzanne divided tray / deviled egg holder, I couldn't resist nabbing another one at Goodwill. If the Chicken Girls keep up the good work, I'll be able to take two dozen deviled eggs to any given potluck, so the extra holder will be handy. The polka dot tumblers match a set of shorter glasses in my cupboard. Our family has grown, and this past Christmas I realized I was a couple of dotty glasses short. They are just cheap plastic from Walmart, but no longer available, so I was happy to find a stack at Goodwill. Some Postman found the shot glass with my name on it, and the little bowl isn't anything special, except that it makes me smile.

The monthly thrift sale by the Catholic women in the next town over can almost always promise additions to my book shelf. Most books are only a quarter and I am helpless to resist! My left arm has been giving me trouble for the past few months, so I've been searching for a smaller, more light-weight purse to carry. This one is leather and boasts many pockets; a dollar well spent. The two sweaters are both wool, intended for use in craft projects. The pink one was half-price at Goodwill; someone had put it in the dryer by mistake and shrunk it. I'm sure they were quite sad, but for me, it is perfect - now I won't have to felt it! The wire plate rack will display a few of my favorite Frankoma trivets when we eventually remodel the kitchen.

This is the bounty from our recent antique store shopping:

Frankoma Wagon Wheel salt and pepper shakers in Prairie Green glaze.

Frankoma Aztec individual creamer in Prairie Green glaze. 
I think this one must have been made towards the end of a mold's life, since the pattern isn't very clear. It's definitely Frankoma, though, and I love the rutile of the glaze!

Vintage Dachshund ceramic table wear.
The salt shaker is 10 inches long! It isn't marked; I haven't found any information about it online.
The fat little Dachshund creamer isn't marked, either, but according to one eBay listing I found, it is made by Artmark. Sadly, I didn't notice until we were home that the nose has been repaired. I still would have purchased it (hey, it's adorable!), but would have asked for a better price.