Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Everyday Outfit: Birds, Bees, and a Cat

Delving deeper into the archives of unused outfit photos, I found a cozy outfit worn on a January day. Even though it was still winter then, the whimsy of this outfit points towards spring.

Outfit details:  cashmere cardigan - eBay; bird print shirt - Target;
jeans - Dress Barn; cat pin - downtown vintage shop;
fun socks - hmmm...Target?

My cashmere cardigan fits much better since I shrunk it back in December. While it was fine finding creative ways to wear it despite the fact it was too big, I'm more comfortable with it now. I wore it quite often over the winter.

How cute is this little cat pin?! My love for vintage pins continues to grow. Every time I say to myself "no more!", I find another cutie that I cannot resist. In an effort to pare down my collection recently, I poked through my pins to see if any of them no longer made me happy. Nope. They ALL still  make me smile!

You've probably seen my bee socks before, because they are super fun and I wear them often. Here they are again, anyway, because of course one must wear bees with birds.

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