Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Going-out Outfit: Lace and an Elephant

Digging back into the outfit photos vault again, I found this set of pictures taken as we headed out the door to a Lenten service on a Wednesday evening in February:

 Outfit details:  lace jacket ~ thrifted; elephant tee ~ Modcloth;
baggy gray pants ~ doesn't matter, cuz they are outta here!;
boots ~ thrifted, but also banished. 

I remember talking with the little preschool-aged blondie girl sitting in the pew in front of us at church that night, and she noticed that the elephant on my shirt had butterfly wings. She thought that was really cool!

Yeah, I'm hip with the preschool crowd. Being a grammy is awesome!

And these baggy gray pants prove that I'm a grandma, don't they? Ugh! They were culled from my closet, along with a bunch of other stuff, in late March. The trouble with losing 7 lbs is that it's not quite enough to go down a full size, so you make do with safety pins. No amount of safety pins would help those britches fit better, though. I thought I'd found a replacement pair at one point, but the waist band hit my body at the wrong place. The search continues...although now, sadly, a few of those pounds have come back to visit me. So it's a good thing I won't really need long pants for a few months. Hopefully by fall, those pesky pounds will be GONE again and I can find some new pants that don't make me look so grandmotherly.

As for the boots, I like them, but my feet do not. There comes a time when comfort can no longer be sacrificed for cuteness. And so those little boots have become eBay fodder.

And with that, I'm finished with winter outfit posts. Next time, you'll see a (nearly) current spring outfit!


lantabmom said...

I like the elephant shirt too, and that you paired it with a lace jacket, something I don't think about doing.

Melissa G said...

That lace jacket has turned out to be very versatile!

Grammy Goodwill said...

Oh, I love that elephant tshirt. And I wish I could lose 7 pounds or 2. Okay, I'll settle for 1 at this point.