Monday, June 20, 2016

Sunday Style: Country Lace

One Sunday in May, here is what I wore to church. And I loved every aspect of this outfit! The lace dress, denim jacket, cowgirl boots, layered necklace and beaded bracelets. The only thing missing was a hat. I used to have a cowboy style beach hat, but must have purged it from my closet, because it could not be found. I'd only worn the hat once, and with the ever-present blow-the-hat-off-your-head Kansas wind, it required holding onto with one hand to keep it lodged. Which is a royal pain in the kiester. more cowboy style hat for me. But even hatless, this outfit is a favorite!

 Outfit details:  lace dress ~ thrifted; denim jacket ~ thrifted;
boots ~ Target; necklace ~ JCP (I think); bracelets ~ thrifted;
earrings ~ had for ages.

If I could, I would wear pieces like these every single day. It truly defines my style. It's doubtful I'll ever tire of this outfit. I'm pretty sure I'll cry if the day comes that any of these items wears out or no longer fits.

Not very practical for wearing inside the chicken pen, however. The lace might snag on the chicken wire, and white is a dangerous color around muck and poo. The boots may be cowgirl boots, but I don't wear them for mucking purposes. A designated pair of "poop shoes" sits outside the back door for that job.

It's perfectly fine to get down and pet the cat, though.


Melinda Erin said...

You look good in that outfit! I love it!!

Melissa G said...

Thanks, Melinda! :) I think I'd like to fill my entire closet with lace dresses.

lantabmom said...

I love this outfit on you, too! You can definitely tell you are comfortable and love this style, you're so happy in it.

Melissa G said...

Aw, thanks, Leah! :)