Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Simple Summer Style

Simple, breezy dresses have been my uniform this summer. I've always loved dresses, but even more so as I get older. Dresses keep me cooler than shorts and tees, especially shift, A-line, or swing dresses. I find them more comfortable, too, like wearing a nightgown during the day. Something I discovered recently is the boho-inspired slip dress - which I wear underneath shorter dresses to add modesty and a bit of feminine flair.

Outfit details:  chambray dress ~ thrifted; slip dress ~ eBay;
necklace ~ gift; bracelet ~ thrifted; sandals ~ eBay.

Of course, living out here in the hills and valleys of rural Kansas, finding a slip dress, especially one that is 100% cotton, in a brick-and-mortor store is nearly impossible. As much as I enjoy shopping, I don't have the time to scour every shop in town when I make the trip. It's so much simpler to plug in "cotton slip dress" into the search box on eBay and get exactly what I want delivered to my front door!

A very dear friend of mine gave me this necklace for my birthday. It's not something I would have picked out myself, but it turns out that it's perfect to wear with a simple dress to add a touch of boldness. I think it will be great to wear with layers in the early spring, too. My friend has good taste!

Buying shoes online can be a gamble, unless you are familiar with the brand. These strappy sandals are Earth shoes, a brand that I'm just beginning to get to know. I purchased a pair of Earth shoes earlier this year from on blind faith, and that venture turned out so well, I was willing to bet on this pair of sandals found on eBay for a fraction of retail value. The gamble paid off! These sandals fit well, are comfortable, provide adequate arch support, and don't look "old lady". 

My recommendation to people who are a tad gun-shy of buying shoes online:  Visit a local shoe store and try on every pair possible. Take notes on brand, size, and style name of the shoes that suit your needs. Then search online to find the best possible price. and eBay are my go-to sources on the web for the brands that work best for my feet: Vionic, Earth, Merrell, Keen, and Dansko. I've heard from others that Poshmark is a good place to find deals on name brands, but I have not shopped the site personally. The best source, hands down, for finding great shoes on the cheap is thrifting, either at yard sales or second-hand stores. I'm very, very particular about purchasing used shoes; they must be in nearly new condition or I'll leave them behind. Once I get them home, I clean them with a Norwex microfiber cloth. Of course, it's almost pure luck to find your size and the particular style you're after, but it sure is exciting when it happens!


Grammy Goodwill said...

I really like those sandals. I find myself wearing the same pair over and over, then I wear them out and can't find anything I like to replace them. I bought 2 100% cotton dresses at Belk yesterday for about $10 each. After I got them home, I realized they would wrinkle like a tshirt so they're going back.
You look very cool and comfortable.

lantabmom said...

Thanks for the info in this blog. And I like the dress and sandals!

Melissa G said...

Next time you buy sandals, Grammy Goodwill, you should buy two pair, so you've got a replacement waiting in the wings. (Hey, I'll use any excuse to buy more shoes, ha ha!) Too bad the dresses you bought are prone to wrinkles. Who wants to iron in the summer?

You're welcome, Leah, and thank you! :)