Monday, July 4, 2016

Sunday Style: Patriotic

Wearing blue, white and red  is both patriotic and summery. I prefer not to wear actual flag print, but I'm not completely opposed to it. There are a pair of heart-shaped flag print earrings in my jewelry box, and if I had a pair of blue/white star shorts, I'd definitely wear them with my red/white striped tee. But this is my favorite way to wear USA's colors:

 Outfit details:  white peasant top ~ JC Penney's; 
handkerchief print skirt ~ JC Penney's; red belt ~ old;
red sea glass necklace ~ eBay;
Vionic sandals ~

I wore this outfit to church yesterday; it was a cool, drizzly day. Today it's a bit warmer and a lot more humid. So far, just banging around the house, I'm wearing a blue t-shirt shift dress. If we go to the parade this evening, I may see if my closet has another patriotic outfit lurking inside, but one that is much more casual. I'm really wishing I had some star-print navy blue shorts...

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Bflowers said...

Cute! You've got a 40's vibe going with this outfit and I love it!