Thursday, August 4, 2016

Everyday Outfit: Classically Simple

As promised, an everyday outfit post! This outfit features another of my white skirts, a summer time favorite. I really do prefer skirts over shorts; not only do they keep me cooler, they also elevate my style a notch above ultra-casual, and are more flattering, provided the skirt fits well.

Outfit details:  striped tee ~ JC Penney's;
white skirt ~ JC Penney's;
sandals ~ eBay; silver hoop earrings ~ JC Penney's.

Lately, I've been drawn to neutral colors and/or classic, simple styles. I love to wear layers, but that isn't practical in summer unless you work in an air-conditioned office. My house is air-conditioned (praise God for that!) but you can't hang meat in here. I still get plenty warm doing housework. 

Back to the white skirt...this one is too short to wear a slip underneath, so I tried wearing my "modesty shorts" with it. Since both skirt and shorts are cotton, they stick together like velcro and creep when I walk. Not fun. As long as I wear skin-colored undies and don't stand with a bright light behind me, wearing the skirt alone is fine. Pairing it with a classic navy-and-white striped tee gives the outfit a bit of nautical flair.

These sandals were a total impulse buy on eBay. Once or twice a week, eBay sends me an email enticing me to purchase "must have" items. Usually they're pushing the latest electronic gadget that I have no use for whatsoever or expensive designer clothing, but this one time...the most comfy looking sandals appeared. And the price was just $24.99. I clicked on the link. I admired the style. The shoes are leather, appeared to be well constructed, and even had some arch support. The price was decidedly within my shoe budget, since shipping was free. I looked up reviews on the sandals - all good. So I bought them. I can honestly say these sandals are the best impulse purchase I've ever made! They are so comfortable, I can wear them for a full day of walking around (even on unforgiving cement floors) and not have hurting feet. They stay on my feet well, too, and don't make my feet hot. Plus, they're pretty darn cute!

If you'd like to check out some Volatile Lahti sandals for yourself, you can still find a few (brown, navy, black) on eBay, but only size 7 or 8, and the price has gone up ($29.99 - 54.50). I found one pair in brown on Amazon, size 7, $29.99. I don't get any kickbacks if you click on the links.

Somebody was done with this picture-taking business and ready to go back inside for a nap...


lantabmom said...

You look cute and comfy and stylish!

Melissa G said...

Thanks, Leah!