Monday, August 1, 2016

Sunday Style: Blue and White

This summer has been rather on the hot side, so my tendency is to forgo pretty clothes and simply wear whatever will keep me cool no matter what it looks like. Extra loose and baggy is what that usually turns out to be, and I end up looking like a sack of wilting potatoes. Not very stylish! However, Sunday is church day, and that's the one day of the week that I make an effort to put myself together. Makeup is still worn only at a minimum, but at least my outfits are presentable.

Outfit details:  shirt ~ JC Penney's; skirt ~ thrifted;
Vionic sandals ~; 
pin and bracelet ~ thrifted.

White skirts must be closet has four white skirts already, and yet every time I'm out shopping or thrifting, I find my eyes drawn to more white skirts! I have to force myself to leave that pretty new white skirt behind; how many white skirts can I possibly wear??? Especially since I don't dare wear them just banging about the house - bad idea with a black-and-tan Dachshund who insists on constant snuggles, even though it's hotter than blazes; not to mention my propensity to wipe my hands on my clothes, forgetting that I'm not wearing an apron. White skirts are simply perfect for summer, though, aren't they?

I purchased this particular white skirt last winter at Junk In The Trunk, a local consignment shop, along with a black/coffee/cream striped skirt in the same style (which I haven't worn yet, silly me - it would hide that dog hair perfectly!). It's a pinch too small around the waist, but wearing it as a high-waisted skirt alleviates that issue as well as bringing the hemline up just enough to make it my preferred length. 

The blue plaid shirt has a lot of things going for it, but one almost deal-breaking problem:  the pintucks at the bust create a POOF of volume over my tummy. Worn tucked in, as in this outfit, it's not obvious, but worn untucked, as I'd do with just about any other bottoms, it looks like a maternity top. I'm round enough without appearing pregnant to boot. To keep or not to keep? 

Pins can be a bit challenging to wear in summer, I think, because they tend to be heavy and my tops and dresses are light-weight. This peacock pin, however, is very thin and light, so it doesn't pull the fabric or flop downward. The bracelet is silver; I know this because each time I want to wear it, it must first be cleaned of tarnish. Is there a way to keep it clean longer?

And finally, here's another outfit pic, complete with a kitty photobomber. 

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lantabmom said...

I like white bottoms too, although I don't have a white skirt I have white shorts and capris. They make me feel beachy or like I'm going sailing. lol Cute top with your white skirt!