Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Sunday Style: Extra Peachy!

"If I had my little way, I'd eat peaches every day...." ...or at least wear a peachy dress! The Sunday I wore this dress to church, my dear friend Robin wore a peachy outfit, also. As we were on our way to the church's garden area so Some Postman could snap some pictures of us, we noticed that another friend of ours was adorned in peach, too. She was on the way to set up her Bible study class, though, and didn't have time to join us for photos.

Outfit details:  dress ~; underdress ~ eBay;
sandals ~ eBay; necklace ~ Avon; bracelets ~ yard sale.

This summery "shell" necklace has matching earrings, but I never wear them with the necklace. It feels too matchy-matchy. The earrings are dangly and long, a style I haven't felt like wearing since I got my hair cut short. Some people like to wear bold earrings when they have short hair, because the earrings are easier to see without hair covering them up. For some reason, it just doesn't feel right to me, so I've been sticking with small earrings. Most of the time, bold statement necklaces don't feel right to me anymore, either. Funny how one's tastes in jewelry fluxuate...

Zulily has been tempting me all summer long to fill my closet with breezy, flowy dresses like this peachy dreamy dress. This one is the same style as the navy blue one I bought last summer; the nice thing about the peach dress is that it doesn't turn my skin (and underthings) blue when I wear it. Yes, that blue dress still bleeds, even though I've washed it several times! I've added vinegar to the rinse, too, which is supposed to help "set" dark colors. It hasn't helped. Any ideas?

Robin and I had fun getting our photos taken together that day. It took a lot of pics to come up with a few that we weren't goofing around or making silly faces!

See? Goofy! LOL

In case you didn't catch the reference to the Presidents of the United States of America at the very top of this post, here's the song:

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lantabmom said...

You both look great in your peachy outfits. Your dress is really cute!