Friday, February 3, 2017

Something Old, Something New

So....that little experiment went well, did it not? My hope was to write more meaningful posts and post more often. I do like what I managed to post, but perhaps without my fallback of outfit posts, the length of time between posts will remain long. Also, who am I kidding? I love clothes! Especially now that I've figured out what I like and what's realistic for me. Therefore, outfit posts are back, although I do hope to continue writing about less frivolous subjects as well.

To welcome back the lighter and highly unimportant subject of what this middle-aged housewife is wearing on her slightly chubby self, let me introduce you all to a small business I recently discovered. It's called Charlie's Project - Leggings for a Cause. A young woman named Anna was blessed with a precious little boy born with Downs Syndrome; he was also diagnosed with autism a few years later. Anna designs beautifully patterned leggings made of "milk silk", a super-soft fabric that is perfect for people with textural issues. (My own skin is sensitive to certain fabrics, and I've found these leggings to be made of the most AMAZING fabric I've ever felt! If only all my clothes could be made from it!) Anyway, Anna formed her company, called Charlie's Project, to make her wonderful leggings available to others and to raise awareness and to donate a portion of proceeds to charity. (Currently, the Autism leggings and Paw Prints leggings are contributing 100% of proceeds to charity!) The charities vary, but all have something to do with special needs children.

While I never expected to be a leggings-wearer, I've discovered that they're more comfortable than I ever imagined. Plus, they come in so many pretty designs! You know of my love of wearing fun socks... that love has expanded to wearing fun patterns on my legs. By far, though, the best benefit of wearing Charlie's Project leggings is the softness of the fabric. These leggings are SO comfortable - and cute! - that I wear them almost every single day. The skin on my legs hurts a lot less often now that I cover them in "milk silk". I'd recommend them to anyone, even if you don't think you'd look good in them. (Not that I look great in them, either, but I'm past caring. Ha ha!) Now, of course, I don't treat leggings as regular pants; wearing long shirts or tunics with them is a must. I've found that I prefer wearing leggings with dresses or skirts instead of tights, too. For outfits that busy prints aren't appropriate, I purchased a few pair of LuLaRoe leggings (made from the same "buttery soft" fabric) in solid colors. (Charlie's Project does not yet offer solid colors.)

Outfit details: plaid flannel shirt ~ bought at my friend's yard sale;
long navy top ~ JC Penney's; chicken leggings ~ Charlie's Project;
cowgirl boots ~ Target (several years ago).

Outfit details:  top ~; Love Birds leggings ~ Charlie's Project;
Vionic tennies ~ eBay 
(When I went out in public wearing this, I wore a long red jacket over it because the shirt isn't as long as I'd like.)

You may have noticed that the leggings gather at my knees (you can see it best in the pic of the chicken leggings). This is because I prefer to buy the larger size - Tall & Curvy. One Size leggings fit me as leggings should, but I prefer a looser fit. Wearing the bigger size also ensures that the leggings remain opaque and greatly reduces the chance that they'll develop a hole or tear while I'm putting them on. The more you stretch and stress fabric, the more likely you are to damage it. 

Just to clarify, I have not been asked by anyone to tell you about Charlie's Project. It's simply a matter of loving the product so much that I want to share it with anyone who cares to read this little ol' blog! If you make a purchase using any of the links I've provided, however, I will earn a tiny affiliate commission. Please also note that you may not see any pictures of the leggings unless you follow their menu underneath the big photo of Charlie. 

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