Saturday, March 11, 2017

Adventures in Thrifting: A Good Haul Week!

The Thrifting Fairies must have scattered some pixie dust on me this week! If you're a regular thrifter, you know that sometimes it's like fishing with a dead worm and coming up with an old boot. Other times, it's like when Jesus told the disciples to cast their nets on the other side of the boat, and they caught so  many fish the boat started to sink! I came home with a good haul this week; not quite sink-the-boat big, but better than an old boot!

On Monday, I visited Goodwill during my weekly grocery trip to town. I've been in the habit of stopping in there each week ever since I found a few pieces of LuLaRoe clothing about a month ago. I keep hoping whoever donated those pieces will clean more out of her closet (she hasn't yet). Here is what I found this week:

I'm not a huge fan of polka dots, but something about this Quacker Factory jacket appealed to me; the red tee with stars looks cute with it. Add jeans and there's an outfit! The blue Aztec print top is made from super-soft material - the exact blend as LuLaRoe leggings - and it's Bobbie Brooks, a brand from Walmart. Apparently I really love olive green tunic tops; this one joined three others already in my closet. (One of which got culled, because I like the newest one with the lace hem better.) The purple print boho top is Mosimo from Target, and is similar to several other tops of the same brand I found at a yard sale last summer. They are cool and breezy for summer.

Do you wanna read ABC books with a snowman? Ha ha ha! Olaf will be a birthday gift for a certain niece of mine who loves the movie Frozen. The vintage-looking (but completely modern) letter shape books will be a birthday gift for my grandbaby Miss Pie.

I stopped at the mall on Monday, too. While JC Penney's is a department store, NOT a thrift store, occassionally one can score a very thrifty deal, especially when combining clearance sales with coupons. I spent a total of $3.00 for everything seen in the two photos below:

 Outfits for Miss Pie

Valentine pin for my collection; card of pins to add to niece L's birthday gift.

Remember the $1/bag sale at the local thrift shop I mentioned in my previous post? Well, the sale is now in the history books, but I did get over there for the first day of the sale. In fact, I was one of the first people in line. I came home with three paper grocery sacks filled to the brim! Much of that will be eBay fodder, but I did get a few pretties for myself.

The black hooded swing-style all-weather coat is a tad big on me, even though it's a size medium, but I love it enough that it doesn't matter. The floral top is another of those Mosimo boho tops from Target. Pretty plates speak to my heart, and when I find one as sweet as this fruity one with gold trim, it's an easy purchase. Books are another easy purchase...and when I saw one of my favorite Nancy Drew titles, of course I had to buy it! Three bags cost $3, and since I bought about 30 items, each piece cost a neat dime. Not too shabby!

While placing The Hidden Staircase on my bookshelf, I thought it sure would be fun to get a few more of the first books in the Nancy Drew series. And so I went hunting online...and found a listing on eBay for the first five books in perfect condition! I've put in an offer, so we'll see if I get them.

Today was the monthly sale day at the Catholic church in another town; normally, I would have gone to the sale with my daughter. However, our early spring weather is taking a break and allowed Winter to remind us that she's not finished yet. It's snowing and cold. Bleh. So my dear daughter went to the sale by herself. She shared some pics of the goodies she found:

Laundry sign

Shirts for Miss Pie

For a future birthday party

A yellow pail for holding chalk
(She has a chalk wall just around the corner).

If you're out thrifting this weekend, I wish you happy hunting!

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