Monday, March 27, 2017

Winter Outfits in Review

My plan this week is to begin going through my closet and dresser, pulling out the heavy winter pieces to store away, and cull anything that doesn't spark joy. Today I prepared the bedroom for such activity by dusting and sweeping up dust bunnies. Of course, the weather this week is chilly and damp, more suited to keeping those fuzzy sweatshirts handy. But I am determined...I can wear layers, after all.

A few weeks ago, while hunting for something among the totes in our storage area, I ran across a tote full of winter clothing that I'd missed back in October. Inside were some long sleeve tees, fleece lined leggings, and a sweater dress! I managed to squeeze in two wearings of the sweater dress before it warmed up too much (and I could probably wear it again this week, considering the chill). This reminded me that there are a few winter outfit photos in my blog folder that were never published. And so I'll squeeze them in now...

This outfit is one that I would actually wear right now, but it was late October when this photo was taken.

Outfit details:  LuLaRoe Carly dress ~ eBay;
denim jacket ~ Christopher & Banks;
scarf ~ thrifted; boots ~ Target

Here's a dressy-casual outfit worn to church one Sunday in November:

Outfit details:  dress ~ zulily; scarf ~ Walmart (I think);
LuLaRoe leggings ~ Facebook group;
Vionic boots ~ eBay.

My wardrobe has undergone a shift towards the casual end of the spectrum over this past winter. It seems silly to have so many dressy clothes when 95% of the time, they simply hang in the closet. The discovery of the comfort and ease of LuLaRoe clothing could not have come at a better time for me!

Outfit details: LuLaRoe Classic T and leggings ~ Facebook groups;
sweater ~ thrifted; scarf ~ JC Penney's; boots ~ JCP.

This is what I wore to have one last coffee date in late January with my dear friend and former next-door neighbor before she moved out of state. Miss you, Cassie!

Outfit details:  dress ~ Target; tunic top ~ Amazon;
LLR skirt worn as a scarf ~ FB group;
LLR leggings ~ FB group; boots ~ JCP

Once again, this LuLaRoe Carly dress made an appearance, this time worn to church the Sunday before Valentine's Day. I love, love, LOVE this dress, and have worn it many times. I hope it is exceptionally durable, because it's going to be worn a LOT more and I don't want it to wear out!

Outfit details:  LLR Carly dress ~ eBay;
cardigan ~ thrifted; underdress (barely peeking out) ~ eBay;
LLR leggings ~ FB group;
Born ankle boots ~ Vanderbuilt's.

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Melinda Erin said...

Love the last floral dress and all the lularoe! You look so pretty in all your outfits. Love you mom, I wish I had your style! :)