Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sunday Inspiration ~ 5.21.17

This past week has been the most painful time ever for someone very, very dear to me. That person is constantly in my thoughts day and night, and is continually lifted up to our Father God in prayer. My heart cries for them, and my hope is that this ordeal will result in peace and restoration. Please listen to this heartfelt song by Matthew West:


Jean said...

Those times are so painful. I sometimes am sick with pain for someone I love and it is often the dark valley they must walk alone. We can love them and worry for them but it is their walk. I will hold you in the light, as well, since I know you are in anguish for them. Thinking of you! Jean

Melissa G said...

Bless your heart, Jean, and thank you! Your kindness touches my spirit. ~ Melissa